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Are you in the quest for a reliable and affordable electrician in Clyde? Request a quote from us now!

Get in touch with the tidy team at Bright Force Electrical, your local Clyde electrician. We are at your service 24x7!

Nestled along the Parramatta River, Clyde boasts picturesque scenery and easy connectivity to greater Sydney. The area features a rich industrial heritage, with the historic Clyde Engineering Works being a prominent landmark. Locals enjoy recreational activities in nearby Granville Park and the bustling Saturday markets at Sydney Markets just a short drive away.

As a trusted electrical service provider in Clyde, Bright Force Electrical prioritises the needs of our clients. Our team, often hailed as the \'best electricians in town\', is adept at handling a variety of residential and commercial projects. Call us today for your electrical solutions at 1300 724 942.

Our team is proud to be a part of the Clyde community and we look forward to serving all your future jobs as well. When you need an electrician from a professional company that genuinely understands your local area, choose Bright Force Electrical.

General Electrical

Electrician in Clyde

At Bright Force Electrical, we have an experienced team of highly skilled and expert electricians available 7 days a week to provide maintenance services to your workplace, home or factory. We will be at your doorstep within the house when you need us the most.

We can honestly get the job done whether it is to install or repair any electrical equipment. This is why we offer a broad range of services in Clyde and its surrounding areas. Our technicians can handle any electrical need you may have, offering a friendly service.

We can also offer our services and free quotes to surrounding suburbs around Sydney. Areas like Camellia, Carlingford, Auburn, and Telopea.

We also expand our range to places such as Oatlands, Rosehill, Dundas Valley, Granville and Holroyd.

Maintenance Electrical
Ducted Air Conditioning Servicing
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With Bright Force Electrical Sydney, no job is too big or too small. Whether routine commercial maintenance or emergency electrical assistance, you won’t need to call another electrician again. Take the stress out of electrical repairs and speak with our team today!

General Outdoor Lighting Electrician

CCTV Security Installations

Offering great service at all times, Bright Force specialises in the installation, maintenance, and servicing of CCTV security systems in Clyde for both residential and commercial properties. Our team possesses extensive industry experience in delivering reliable solutions including hot water systems to protect your family or business assets.

With a thorough understanding of the regulations and privacy laws governing the use of CCTV in New South Wales, we ensure all installations, handled on any site, comply with the necessary requirements giving you peace of mind. Our experts in electrical wiring utilise the latest industrial equipment and technologies to offer you the best in both indoor and outdoor security coverage.

Remember, our Clyde Security System specialists are available for same day services to help you. If you need any electrical works, particularly for managing your CCTV system for your home or business, never hesitate to call Bright Force Electrical today.

Ceiling Fan Installations

Experience a more eco-friendly and cost-saving solution to keeping cool during Sydney’s warm months by utilising a ceiling fan in your bathroom, home or business. At Bright Force Electrical, our licenced electricians in Clyde are skilled in the installation and repair of various ceiling fan models, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.

Our professional team prioritises your convenience throughout the installation process, accommodating your schedule and offering guidance in selecting the ideal ceiling fan for your specific space and all your appliances. Trust in our many years of experience in the electrical industry to provide you with unmatched quality service for your fan installation or repair needs in Clyde. If you need an electrician to assist in expertly install or service your ceiling fan, call Bright Force Electrical today.

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Trusted Commercial Electrician

Bright Force Electrical is dedicated to providing exceptional commercial electrical services to businesses and new homes in Clyde, Sydney. Our team of proficient electricians has vast industry experience, ensuring reliable and timely solutions for all commercial electrical needs.

An efficient electrical system is crucial for the smooth-functioning of offices, industrial warehouses, and other commercial properties. By prioritising regular servicing and repairs, your Clyde business can minimise disruptions and enhance productivity. At Bright Force Electrical, we are committed to ensuring the seamless operation of your commercial facility.

From installing new outlets to repairing existing ones, handling intricate data installations, upgrading switchboards and attending to emergency power issues, our skilled Clyde commercial electricians are adept at addressing a wide range of electrical concerns. If you need an electrician for your commercial property, call Bright Force Electrical today.

Surge Protection Device

Surge Protection Services

Protecting your valuable electronic devices from sudden voltage spikes is crucial to ensure their longevity and performance. At Bright Force Electrical, our skilled electrical contractors are experienced in both installing and repairing surge protection systems to safeguard your home or business in Clyde, Sydney NSW.

Using high-quality surge protection devices and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) to fill in any gaps in your electrical safety, we can effectively prevent short circuits and power fluctuations from causing damage to your appliances and sensitive equipment. Regular inspections and maintenance of the installed devices, which come with a lifetime guarantee, are also essential, so we recommend booking routine checks to ensure their optimum performance.

On average, surge protectors are advised to be replaced every two years, but this can vary depending on the specific model and usage. Rest assured, our knowledgeable and diligent team in Clyde can guide you through this process and provide tailored recommendations that suit your requirements. If you require electrical services in Clyde for the installation or servicing of your surge protection, make sure to call Bright Force Electrical today!

Surge Protection Device
Daniel Installing Smoke Alarm Sydney

Affordable Smoke Alarm Maintenance & Installs

Every property in Clyde must have smoke alarms installed with a lifetime workmanship guarantee. If you do not have one, call us today to schedule new installations. As a result of its ability to detect smoke, they also helps to save lives.

It is not recommended to handle an electrical job such as installing a smoke alarm without a qualified and licenced electricians. Our team will ensure that the smoke alarm, made from the best materials, is installed correctly so that the safety of your family is our number one priority.

Call: 1300 724 942

Switch & Power Point Repairs & Installations

You can contact our licenced Clyde electricians if you’re interested in installing safety switches or power points in your home or office. No matter where you need switches or circuit breakers installed, we can help.

We can also perform switchboard upgrades or reposition your current power points. By employing our Clyde electrical services, you reduce the amount of maintenance work you have to do by half, since all tasks are completed to perfection.

Holding Electrical Tooling
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With Bright Force Electrical Sydney, no job is too big or too small. Whether routine commercial maintenance or emergency electrical assistance, you won’t need to call another electrician again. Take the stress out of electrical repairs and speak with our team today!

Daniel Vas Installing Light Fixture

Local Lighting Electrician

If you are searching for an electrician in Clyde who can provide lighting installation and repairs, security lighting, look no further. At Bright Force Electrical Sydney, we are highly recommended and have highly qualified technicians who adhere to Australian standards and can handle just about any electrical issue, including those stubborn flickering lights.

Before starting any work, our local electricians will arrive at your location and explain the entire process, ensuring a fair price. Aside from installing energy-efficient lighting, we can also provide you industry knowledge about the various lighting options and advanced home automation systems.

General Electrical

Local Level 2 Electrician

Are you looking for an electrician to perform complex electrical tasks like getting your services connected or disconnected from the power supply, metre box installations connected or disconnected from the power supply, metre box installations and metering, and installing private poles? For tasks requiring expertise, Bright Force Electrical can be contacted. Our team has highly qualified technicians adept at handling such tasks.

With licenced, qualified level 2 electrical professionals on our team professionals on our team, we can handle a large variety of electrical projects. In addition, our experts are insured electricians who are fully insured and have the most up-to-date electrical equipment, so you can rest assured you are receiving the best and most prompt service in the Sydney.

You can be sure a level 2 electrician will do the job right the first time and excelling in fault finding and electrical maintenance, excelling in fault finding for your major electrical jobs for your major electrical jobs. Plus, we provide a workmanship guarantee on every project, with various payment options for your convenience.

Level 2 Electricians
Ducted Air Conditioning Servicing
Emergency Electrican Power Outages

24x7 Emergency Electrical

Contact us as soon as possible in case of an electrical emergency. In Clyde, our team of highly experienced emergency electricians are trained to handle urgent electrical emergencies. Contact us any time for emergency electrical services.

Electrical accidents can occur at any time, so we do our best to ensure that installation is done correctly at the start. Being available 24 hours a day, 7 day means you never have to deal with the situation with our same day services.

A fault in an electrical system can happen at any time and without warning. For this reason, you should rely on the experts at Bright Force Electrical to make sure the problem is fixed correctly and keeps you safe while catering for your future electrical needs.

Why Choose Bright Force?

We, a dedicated team of qualified electricians at Bright Force Electrical, are passionate about providing top-quality electrical services across Clyde. However, we want our customer service to go beyond this. We provide our customers with industry tips and tricks to keep their homes and businesses in the best possible shape.

Our process is not only easy and convenient, but also offers tasks done at competitive rates. And, we’ll use our experience to develop a strategy that reduces disruption and suits your home or business’ objectives.

Having arrived with a commitment to provide home and business owners in the Clyde area with excellent service, we act on our passion consistently. We can efficiently diagnose and rectify your electrical issues, and we will make sure there is no extra stress placed on your household or business.

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You have come to the right place if you are in the Clyde area and looking for an electrician. Getting in touch with us is easy, and our friendly and reliable customer service staff are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Go to our website and select “Contact” from the menu. Here you’ll find our contact information and emergency number, as well as how to make an online booking.

Our team of licenced electricians at Bright Force Electrical at Bright Force Electrical are the preferred local electricians in Clyde!

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We offer all standard electrical jobs throughout Sydney, from upgrades to installs to house wiring and home automation.




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Reed WilsonDan did an excellent job replacing the main electrical panel for our home. He had to cut through the stucco to fit a bigger box, but he vacuumed and left the area VERY clean. He also kept me well-informed throughout the process. The new panel looks great. I really appreciate the texts and emails from Daniel updating me about the job from start to finish. I would definitely call Bright Force Electrical again for other electrical work at our home.
Scott BenjaminWe called bright force electrical last Sunday night for an emergency and Daniel showed up within the hour as promised. He assured us we would have our power back on, and explained the whole situation thoroughly to us and showed what we needed to do if this was to happen again. Can’t complement Daniel and bright force electrical enough! Highly recommend them to anyone looking for an electrician!
Hayden MillerBright Force Electrical were excellent to work with from start to finish. Daniel was extremely professional, did a first look at the job over FaceTime, and got me a fair quote really quickly. He carried out the job, was so polite and thoughtful. He did a great job and left the work area spotless. We will definitely keep Bright Force Electrical in mind for future jobs.
Ajan KhannaDaniel and his colleague Chris installed a new Chandelir in my home. They were both friendly, well mannered, punctual and great to deal with. Highly recommended.
Tom KatoiWe called bright force electrical for some light installations. Daniel was great throughout the whole process with great communication and professional approach! Great to see some people still actually care about your home! Thanks Daniel and bright force electrical!
Jessica WhiteIf you have a simple or tricky job, Daniel is your guy. I have had 4 electricians over the years tell me something could not be done, Daniel was able to figure it out. He and his team are trustworthy, on time, polite, friendly, respectful and know what they are doing. They clearly have great communication across their team and also with you, the customer. Highly recommend.

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