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In our world filled with technology, USB outlets have become a necessity since most devices, such as phones, tablets, e-readers, etc., require them for charging.

However, most electric ports don’t allow you to charge more than one device simultaneously, making the entire charging process time-consuming. So, if you want to charge devices swiftly in your home or office, installing a USB wall outlet is a great option.

But are they worth it? Let’s take a look at what USB ports are and the benefits of installing them.

What Are USB Power Points?

Much more advanced than traditional wall outlets, a USB power point features two electrical outlets along with USB sockets. This power outlet can charge electrical devices like smartphones and other gadgets. After ensuring safety with a voltage tester, if the device has a USB cable, it can connect directly to the new USB outlet.

These outlets use the same energy as traditional wall ports, and they’re entirely safe to use if fitted with a ground fault circuit interrupter if used with manufacturer-approved USB cables and cords. So, there won’t be any difference in your energy bills if you decide to install and use USB power points.

Usb Power Outlet Wall

Benefits Of Installing New USB Outlets

Often, it is difficult to find the correct adapter or free electric port to charge your device when you’re in a hurry. But with the introduction of USB receptacles, users can directly connect their device to the wall after a proper USB outlet installation without needing an adaptor. Here are some of the benefits of installing USB outlets:

1. Increased Convenience And Accessibility

Since most household devices, like laptops, kitchen appliances, televisions, etc., use electrical power, USB outlets allow them to remain plugged in, while smartphones and tablets charge themselves via USB ports. Most USB power points are typically compatible with appliances and devices.

Additionally, USB power points reduce the space required for connecting multiple devices since there are fewer adapters than usual.

2. Faster Charging

Most devices more efficiently exploit USB charging capabilities, charging faster when directly connected to the USB port than an adapter. This phenomenon is widespread in devices that use larger batteries - and this way, you can significantly reduce the time needed for your device to recharge fully.

3. Fewer Adapters Required

As previously mentioned, charging your devices directly via USB ports reduces the required adapters. This saves space and prevents you from misplacing the adapters by helping you keep them in a specific place, so you can find them when needed.

4. Low Electricity Usage

When USB power points are on standby, they consume less electricity compared to traditional wall outlets. Designers who have developed these power points have used a technology that makes them utilise only 20% of a 0.9 Watt electric supply.

Such energy efficiency has made several homeowners and businesses install USB power points in their homes and offices.

5. Greater Versatility

Installing USB ports is highly beneficial due to their versatility. Once you install a USB outlet, it can be used individually or as a smaller unit of a smart home system. They are made from durable and sturdy materials compared to mobile USB ports, making them ideal for installation in most parts of your home, including places with the most traffic.

Also, we recommend installing USB power points in your bedroom since most people tend to charge their devices there, and it’s a much safer option.

Are USB Power Points Worth It?

Charging Phone Usb Outlet

Having replaced standard parallel and serial connectors, USB ports have become the norm in technology and will likely remain that way for the coming years. That’s why revamping your home’s electrical supply system with USB points is a great way to make your home smart and efficient.

Additionally, USB power points come in various configurations. While some have two USB ports along with electric points, others feature different types of USB outlets, including 2.4A and type C.

Other reasons why installing USB power points are a worthwhile investment are:

  • They are inexpensive and easy to install, yet they increase the value of your home
  • USB outlets can fit into standard electric ports in the same wall plate by reconfiguring electrical wires
  • A high-quality USB point can provide the same power to all outlets
  • They can offer micro-USB charging for phones and tablets

Making Charging That Much Simpler!

If you decide to install USB power points in your home or office, we highly recommend hiring professional electricians instead of doing it yourself. This is because changing the electric supply points comes with risks like electrocution and accidental fire, which they can prevent.

So, if you are ready to upgrade to USB power points, call our Bright Force Electrical team! Our highly-trained electricians can assist you in replacing the existing electric ports in your home with USB power points with their advanced tools and methods at an affordable price.

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