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Every homeowner’s nightmare is a tangled mess of unsightly wires and cords cluttering up your entertainment centre. No matter how you try to organise the cord chaos, those pesky TV wires never fail to dangle haphazardly behind your flat screen, spoiling the look of your living room. Not to mention the frustration of dealing with tangled wires susceptible to damage each time you try tidying up. But there is a solution to banish the cord clutter for good. Through clever concealment, you can keep cords completely invisible and say goodbye to the eyesore of TV wires forever.

With strategic planning, you can hide cords behind walls, under rugs, through discreet Raceways, and more. Concealing cords is easier than you think with the proper techniques and affordable products tailored for every situation. Turn what was once an unsightly wire mess into a clean, streamlined entertainment centre with our guide to cable management.

We’ll explore several innovative ways to make those frustrating TV wires vanish. You’ll learn tips and tricks to conceal cords of all types, keeping your space clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing. Get ready to discover how easy and affordable it is to hide cords and wires completely with the right cable management solutions. No more tangled messes or unsightly wires - just a clean look you’ll love coming home to.

6 DIY Ways To Conceal TV Cables And Wires For A Clean Installation

Before proceeding further, you should know that you should always switch off the power supply to the TV when working with cables and wires. Otherwise, you may invite potential electricity-related damage, including electrocution.

1. Design A Wooden Frame

Wooden Frame Tv

Let us introduce you to one of the easiest ways to hide TV wires and extension cords for a wall-mounted TV installation.

First, measure where you want to put up the wooden frame. While some people build a slightly larger frame than the TV, you may opt for a same-sized frame. In that case, measure the TV’s perimeter and ensure adequate space on the wall to install it.

You can build the frame quickly by joining four wooden studs with screws or wood glue to form a rectangle. Now, cover the frame with a piece of fabric that best matches the colour of the wall the TV will be installed on. And cut a hole in it to accommodate the TV mount.

Or, paint it with acrylic paint and don’t let your inner Picasso shy away! Once the frame is ready, install it on the wall using picture hangers, though you can use adhesive strips if it doesn’t weigh too heavily. Attach the TV mount and put all the cables behind the frame- you can easily access them when needed.

2. Use A Cable Raceway

Cable Raceaway Tv

Cable raceways or concealers are among the easiest ways to hide wires of wall-mounted TVs. These plastic casings come with adhesive edges, so you can stick them on the wall behind the TV and feed the cable through them.

However, some variations come with elbow connecting pieces, which you should choose if you need to install the cases perpendicularly. Likewise, some kits may come with drywall and anchors, suitable for people looking for a permanent installation.

Measure the wall from the back of the TV (from the outlet it’s plugged into) to the baseboard of the floor and install the raceways. You may have to connect multiple pieces to achieve the desired result. And follow the manufacturer’s instructions to feed the wires safely into the concealers.

Now, most raceways are entirely white, so you can summon the painter in you to paint them according to the overall scheme of the room. But if the space is dominated by too many furniture pieces or the wall colours are dark, keeping them white may be better.

3. Use Baseboard Mouldings

Baseboard Molding Conceal Cables

Baseboard mouldings are an excellent alternative to raceways, especially for sprucing up the room’s look. This method is also suitable for wall-mounted and free-standing TVs and those that don’t have power outlets in the vicinity. In addition, you can choose different mouldings based on their sizes and designs.

Grab the wires and secure them with a cable tie to make them easier to handle. But don’t secure them too tightly; otherwise, they can get damaged. Now, run the ‘cable bundle’ vertically or horizontally on the wall, ensuring no unnecessary tug anywhere.

Ask someone to hold the other end of the bundle and snap the moulding in place. Voila! Your TV cables are covered.

4. Install A Floating Cabinet Or Floating Shelves

Concealing Cables Floating Shelf

If you don’t mind a small drilling job to install a new piece of furniture, consider installing a floating cabinet beneath your wall-mounted TV unit. Not only will it give you enough space to conceal the wires, but you may also be able to conceal the outlet, depending on its location on the wall.

As such, you will find different models in designs and sizes, so we suggest researching to get the best one for your needs and budget.

Alternatively, you get some floating shelves equipped with back panels to conceal the wires. This may be a more practical idea if you don’t have a lot of space on the wall.

5. Create A Wire Wall-Art

Although this may sound tedious, it’s pretty simple to execute. Try this method; if you have enough space on the wall behind the TV and don’t want to add any new furniture or casing, try this method.

Begin by drawing a light sketch on the wall with a pencil. We’d suggest using simple shapes, which will be easier to work with. Once you’re satisfied with the sketch, place the cables on them. You may need some trial and error to ensure that the length of the cords covers the design and vice-versa.

Finally, secure the cables with mounting tape or wire clips. You can also add ribbons, stickers, coloured tapes and other accessories to finish the job and welcome your new art piece!

6. Hide The Cables Using Other Objects

Hiding Cables Books

If you have an entertainment unit beneath the TV, you can use books, candle holders, flower vases and other similar items to cover the wall behind. This will also hide the wires from plain sight without requiring major effort or investment.

Concealing Cable and Wires

After reading our guide on hiding TV wires and cables, you may feel empowered to banish cord clutter yourself. But remember, working with electronic cables requires care. Excessive pulling or forceful tugging can damage wires over time, leading to costly repairs or replacements.

If the task of concealing unsightly wires and cables seems daunting, the professionals at Bright Force Electrical are here to help. Our licensed electricians specialise in TV installation services across Sydney, focusing on clean cable management. We utilise techniques like routing cords through walls, hiding wires inside power strips, and placing TVs on cable management boxes to keep wires out of sight. We can camouflage cords with suitable materials and skill, preventing a tangled mess.

Don’t wrestle with tangled cables or live with an unsightly wire headache. Bright Force Electrical’s TV installation services will conquer cord clutter for good. We provide a complete home entertainment setup - including hiding all those frustrating cables. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and finally achieve clean, professional cable management that makes wires disappear. Our team of experts is ready to handle TV cords and conceal cables the right way.

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