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Undeniably, a TV wall mount installation can elevate our entertainment experience, offering a perfect setting for movie nights with our loved ones.

Installing a wall-mounted TV provides a design aesthetic for your home. It also occupies the empty wall space and saves space for other decor. However, the key to a successful installation is selecting the appropriate TV wall bracket that perfectly matches your TV.

As you look for answers on choosing the right TV wall mount bracket, you can get overwhelmed with information. We have prepared an easy guide to help you choose the right TV wall mount. Keep reading!

Choosing The Right TV Wall Mount For Your Home

Before you choose a TV wall mount, you must check these things as they will determine the type of TV wall mount that is right for you. After all, not all TV wall mounts fit all TVs.

1. Check The TV Specifications

Begin the process by examining the specifications outlined by your TV manufacturers to ascertain the compatibility of your television set with the mount you intend to purchase. You can check the TV user manual for weight and screen size.

The wall mounts you opt for should align with the standards set forth by the Video Electronics Standards Association. That said, just because two standard TV brackets can fit a TV of the same size, it doesn’t mean they will also be compatible with the same weight. It will differ based on the brand. Hence, verifying most TV wall brackets’ maximum weight capacity and screen size compatibility is critical.

2. Check Wall Material

Following that, it is time to decide on which wall you will mount a TV. While most standard TV brackets are compatible with drywall and traditional wood stud framing, you’ll need unique TV mounts for mounting the TV on concrete, brick, or plastered walls.

3. Check Where The Ports Are Located

As various brands place the TV ports in different places, the location of the ports will decide the type of wall mounts that are best for you. If the ports of your TV are located at the back, then you will have to use a wall mount that can be moved back and forth. This will allow convenient plugging and unplugging of ports for devices like gaming consoles. It would be best to consider how you would conceal the cables behind the TV mount.

4. Check For Height Adjustable TV Wall Mount

If you wish to enjoy your television from various rooms, full-motion wall brackets can be a suitable option. It will help you adjust the TV angle and optimise your viewing experience even when you don’t sit directly in front of the screen.

It would be best to consider height adjustability when choosing a suitable mount for your TV. For instance, if you need to install your new TV above the average eye level of 42 inches, you’ll need a bracket that can tilt down. Luckily, most TV brackets can pivot and tilt.

Types Of TV Wall Mounts

Now that you know how to choose the right TV mount, you must also know the different types of TV wall mount brackets. These are some of the most common types of TV wall mounts available on the market:

1. Low Profile TV Brackets

Profile Tv Bracket

Amongst the options, fixed TV wall mounts, often called low-profile TV brackets, are the most budget-friendly and straightforward to install. With a wire management system, these brackets can attach a slim TV to the wall. They are fixed, so you won’t be able to tilt, rotate, or move the wall-mounted television if you want to try a different viewing angle.

Additionally, the inability to move the mount hampers the convenient use of ports if they are located in the back. Therefore, take a moment to consider your utilisation pattern and requirements before opting for fixed brackets.

2. Full Motion Wall Bracket

Full Motion Wall Bracket

Unlike fixed TV mounts, the full-motion wall mount can tilt in all directions (up, down, left, or right). As a result, you can always change the optimal viewing angle to reduce glare and enhance your TV-watching experience. It also lets you pull the TV away from the wall to access cable ports easily.

However, full-motion mounts are the most expensive and difficult to install.

3. Tilting Mounts

Tilting Mount

On the other hand, tilting TV brackets offer less flexibility compared to a full-motion mount. But it enables you to adjust the optimal position of the TV screen to watch from different angles. And as they are positioned further from the wall, there is easy access to ports and cables. Lastly, a tilting mount is easy to install.

4. Ceiling TV Brackets

Ceiling Tv Bracket

When your wall cannot bear the TV’s weight, ceiling mounts can be the most effective solution. Instead of mounting your TV on the wall, this type of TV bracket hangs from the ceiling to save space and ensure optimal viewing angles. It can rotate 360 degrees to watch TV from different angles.

How To Install TV Wall Mount

If you are handy with tools, installing a low-profile TV bracket or tilting wall mounts may not be difficult. So, if you want to try it yourself, follow these instructions.

  • Check if you have all the tools required, like drill, bolts, screwdriver, and extra hardware.
  • Most wall mounts come with a template to position and then drill the four mounting holes - make use of that.
  • Lag-bolt the bracket to the vertical studs.
  • Use a level, stud finder, drill bits and drill to drill the pilot holes properly.
  • Use a socket set to install the bolts into the studs or the anchor.
  • Call a friend for help and mount the TV into place.
  • Once it is mounted, you can slowly release your hands and check to ensure levelled positioning.

Finding the Perfect Fit: A Guide To Selecting Your TV Mount

We advise you to carefully follow these instructions when you want to mount your TV on the wall or ceiling.

However, wall mounts like full-motion TV or ceiling brackets can be tricky to install DIY. So, hiring a professional to get the job done is probably a better idea.

Here at Bright Force Electrical, we can help. Whether installing a TV or any other electrical appliance, our technicians are equipped and experienced in performing the task efficiently and smoothly. Call our Sydney electricians today to see how we can help you!

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