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Electrical work and rewiring are complex tasks that demand a professional’s experience and skill.

As a homeowner, you’re bound to run into issues with your electrical fittings, fixing which can be risky for an inexperienced person. This is when you would like to enlist the electrician services, but this doesn’t mean you can hire any electrician.

When your home or office needs to be tested, rewired, and reconnected to the power grid, you’ll need the services of a Level 2 electrician. Since these are skilled workers with experience and certification by the government, you’ll benefit from hiring the best ones.

To this end, we’ve created a guide that will also provide you with information about the point of attachment on finding the best Level 2 electricians in Sydney for installations, repairs, and much more. They’ll eliminate your electrical issues and do so expertly.

So, let’s dive right in!

How To Find A Good Level 2 Electrician

A few key factors are involved in finding a suitable Level 2 electrician, such as level 2 ASP involved in the task at hand, your location, and service fees. Let’s take a closer look at each of these criteria and see how you can find an electrician who can solve your power troubles.

Equipment Check Switchboard

1. The Task At Hand

You may wonder what tasks Level 2 electricians perform that Level 1 electricians can’t.

One of their most important tasks is to test and reconnect your home or office to the electrical grid. A recently constructed building or one that has aged to the point where it no longer meets government guidelines requires this service.

A Level 2 electrician has clearance to connect low-voltage areas to the electrical supply network through underground service mains or overhead service lines.

This encompasses all the services of a Level 1 electrician, along with maintenance and repairs of consumer mains per the government guidelines for power lines.

These licenced and highly skilled electricians will provide professional electrical service upon request.

In addition to the previously-mentioned services, they provide electrical defect notices, install private power poles and private power poles and private power poles, and secure power points.

For relatively minor services like making new 3-phase electrical connections or performing alterations to existing ones, you can also contact a Level 1 electrician. The difference between the two electrician types amounts to their skill and the fee they charge for these minor tasks.

2. Your Locale

Where you live will also determine the type of electrician you’ll hire. Not all service persons are willing to travel long distances to provide their services.

You can check this list of ASP Level 2 Accredited Service Providers in NSW and find out which electrical contractors offer their services in your area.

If you live in the suburbs, the number of level 2 electrical services available to hire will be lower than someone who lives in the city.

Limited choices can have a tangible effect on the services you receive. From a certain viewpoint, this can be a boon since you’ll have an easier time selecting the best one using referrals and customer reviews.

3. Government Certification

Level 2 electricians have accredited service providers as service persons capable of performing electrical tasks safely while following government regulations.

A glance at their Accredited Service Provider (ASP) certification can tell you about their capabilities and everything they are licenced to do.

When hiring these electricians, don’t forget to ask for their licence and references. That way, you can know they are eligible and, can get the job done for the job and have been trusted by peers.

4. Service Fees

A Level 2 electrician should provide you with a quote within the range of other similarly qualified service persons. We’d suggest comparing the quotes from at least three of them to get the best deal.

Testing Commercial Switchboard

Finding a Level 2 Electrician in Sydney

Following the safety guidelines created by the government is crucial to the longevity of your electrical fittings. That’s why you should ensure regular testing and maintenance conducted by accredited electricians, so you don’t have to face the unfortunate event of short circuits or electrical fires.

And when you need a Level 2 electrician, they can spot any electrical problems or shortcomings in your electricity network. From missing equipment to poor connection to the power supply, both underground and overhead, a good Level 2 electrician can resolve the problem quickly and effectively.

In this regard, you can benefit from the quality yet affordable services accredited Level 2 electricians offer at Bright Force Electricals.

We are equipped to handle everything, whether fault-finding or switchboard upgrades and complete electrical installations, including air conditioning in residential and commercial properties throughout Sydney, by our electricians in Sydney.

You can also request a call back from us to discuss or contact us regarding about the best possible electrical fixtures for your budget and needs.

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