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Electrical work comes with many risks, and you should trust none but the best to carry it out precisely. Certified electricians are trained to handle basic jobs like fixing faulty appliances or taking loose switches and wiring. But you will need someone with the proper training and accreditations for more serious tasks like working on the electric meter.

Level 2 electricians are a step above regular electricians. They have completed additional training and have the skills and knowledge to work with the electrical grid. This includes installing new electrical systems, upgrading old systems, and troubleshooting complex electrical problems.

If you are facing any electrical challenges in your home or business, calling a level 2 electrician is essential. They have the expertise and experience to do the job safely and correctly.

So, let’s look at some instances where calling a level 2 electrician is a must!

How Is A Level 2 Electrician Different From A Regular Electrician?

Level Electrician Working Wires Basement

When working with the electrical network, you must take the help of a level 2 electrician. Any electrician who comes without a level 2 accreditation is in no way fit for the job.

The state’s legal requirements remain the same whether the electrician works on a commercial or residential property. So, staying cautious and hiring the right people for the service lines is best.

Level 2 electricians are highly trained and have the proper credentials to work on the electrical grid. If an inexperienced electrician works on the electricity network, your safety might be at risk. And in the worst-case scenario, they might cause a broader electrical network failure.

Because of the strict training they receive and the higher qualifications that they have, level 2 electricians can handle more challenging jobs than standard electricians.

When To Call A Level 2 Electrician?

Let’s look at some of the most common instances where level 2 electricians are needed.

Level Electrician Worksite

1. For Electrical System Upgrades

Most residential and commercial properties mainly run on a three-phase or single-phase electrical system, depending on the power requirement. Naturally, you must upgrade it if the power consumption needs to be increased.

And when that happens, only a level 2 electrician can help you. Hiring one to work on your system to prevent unwanted electrical hazards and stop overloads is best.

2. For Keeping A Check On Power Consumption

Are you paying more for your electricity supply even with no increase in consumption? If you feel the bills are not at par with your consumption, there might be something wrong with the electric meter.

When this happens over a long time, you should get the metres checked or install a new one. Whether you want to install a new smart metre or upgrade the old one, you need help from a level 2 electrician. The electrician will first check the metres, and only then will they be able to guide you on what you should do.

3. For Working On The Power Supply & Power Grid

You might be moving to a new house or renovating a commercial property, and you need to disconnect the power supply. Be it a home or a retail space, you must always hire a level 2 electrician to perform this job.

If you hire someone who does not have the requisite experience working on the power supply, they can do more harm than good. Not only will you break the law by hiring someone who is not accredited, but you will also increase the risk of fires or similar accidents. In the worst-case scenario, your family or employees might be in danger of electrical hazards.

When you want the power supply restored, a level 2 electrician will do the job instantly. They will also perform a proper check to ensure the connection is stable and secure once restored.

Hence, you can completely rely on them to complete the work without significant risks.

Bright Force Team Arriving Hero

4. Fixing Underground Or Overhead Power Lines

It would be best to have someone with the right expertise to work on high-voltage underground or overhead cables. And you should only contact the best level 2 electricians to get the job done with optimum safety. They are excellent at installing overhead and underground electrical service mains and performing repair work in these risky zones.

You must keep in mind that massive voltage of electricity flows through these lines, so never try to handle them by yourself. And regular electricians aren’t qualified to work with them. So, if a storm or accident causes the underground service lines to uproot, level 2 electricians will rescue you.

5. Troubleshooting Complex Electrical Problems

A skilled level 2 electrician possesses the expertise to diagnose the source of a power outage, find the cause of a short circuit, and repair damage caused by lightning or other electrical events.

Whether identifying a tripped circuit breaker, tracing faulty wiring, or assessing the extent of damage from a lightning strike, an electrician’s ability to navigate these challenges ensures the safe and reliable operation of electrical systems, providing homeowners and businesses with peace of mind.

Commercial Level Electrician

For Any Electrical Issue, Call A Level 2 Electrician!

We cannot emphasise the importance of hiring a level 2 electrician from an accredited service provider for all serious electrical work.

You might feel that hiring a cheaper electrician is okay. But trust us, if things go wrong, you will spend much more money fixing your mistake. You may also end up risking the life of your loved ones by hiring an unqualified electrical contractor.

And if you are caught getting the work done by someone without the accreditation, you will be breaking the law. So, to stay out of trouble, it is best that you get a licensed and experienced level 2 electrician when the need arises. And in Sydney, there is no one better than Bright Force Electrical. Our experts can meet all your electrical needs, from an electrical emergency to connecting electrical meters! Give us a call today on 1300 724 942!

We will see you again. Until next time, take care!

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