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Business owners must know what a commercial electrician is to find the most suitable company.

An experienced commercial electrician can handle all the electrical tasks in retail stores, warehouses, production industrial facilities, office buildings and other commercial locations. Commercial electricians have the expertise to handle everything from initial electrical installations in a newly constructed commercial building to repair electrical systems, maintenance, and upgrades in existing establishments.

They are well-versed in the specific electrical requirements of different commercial settings, considering the size of the space, the nature of the business operations, and the unique electrical demands associated with particular industries. So, having a qualified one in your contacts can simplify things for you greatly.

Please read our guide on what a commercial electrician is!

What Is A Commercial Electrician?

A commercial electrician is a trained individual who troubleshoots, maintains electrical systems, and repairs electrical appliances or electrical systems in commercial spaces like offices, cafes, restaurants, retail shops, and other workplaces.

Additionally, they identify issues, conduct safety checks and suggest ways to improve the electrical makeup of a place. They also visualise, design and build novel electrical systems according to business needs, apart from modifying and updating the existing ones.

The Importance Of A Good Commercial Electrician

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A professional and competent electrician can be a huge asset for commercial property managers or business owners.

After all, an electric outage can hamper your business significantly. Imagine this: you run a cafe and encounter a problem with the AC — that would negatively affect your sales. But if you are in touch with an excellent commercial electrician, the problem could never be resolved.

Businesses run in commercial buildings shared by multiple organisations, like offices, shopping malls, media centres, or government buildings, hire qualified commercial electricians to deal with emergencies. That’s because sharing or overuse makes such places more prone to electrical failures or mishaps.

When Should You Hire A Commercial Electrician

Commercial electricians harness several skills and can undertake many commercial electrical services. Let’s look at a few of them:

Benefits Of Hiring A Commercial Electrician

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Hiring a commercial electrician offers several advantages for businesses, such as:

  1. Expertise: Commercial electricians have the knowledge and experience to handle complex electrical systems and equipment.

  2. Compliance: They ensure that all work meets regulations and safety codes.

  3. Safety: Commercial electricians prioritise safety measures to protect people and property.

  4. Efficient Problem-Solving: They quickly troubleshoot and resolve electrical issues, minimising disruptions.

  5. Long-Term Savings: Their reliable solutions save money on future repairs and prevent costly failures.

  6. Comprehensive Services: They offer various services, including installations, upgrades, and maintenance.

  7. Peace of Mind: Hiring professionals provides assurance and accountability.

Factors To Consider While Searching For A Competent Commercial Electrician

With so many options in the industry, finding the right commercial electrician can be challenging. So, to help you with that, here’s a list of factors that you should consider before hiring:

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  • Look into their experience in the industry, formal qualifications and practising licence.
  • What are their specialisations
  • Do they have any apprentices
  • Check their work samples and past projects
  • Go through their customer reviews, Facebook and Google ratings
  • Would they be able to coordinate with contractors, builders, and other business owners (especially if you are on a shared property)
  • What is their clean-up policy
  • What are their rates, and how will they budget the project

Qualifications Of A Commercial Electrician

To become a commercial electrician in Australia, they must fulfil several requirements. The two most important factors are:

  1. Should be an apprentice for four years
  2. Should graduate from a trade school after passing the required courses and assessments

One can become an apprentice early by contacting a practising electrician. They can train under their guidance and gain some commercial electrical work experience.

After completing schooling (preferably in maths and physics) and the apprenticeship, they must take a certificate course in electrotechnology and pass the Licensed Electrician’s Assessment.

Although people undermine this profession, becoming a licensed commercial electrician requires patience and hard work.

Skills Of A Commercial Electrician

Commercial electricians need hard and soft skills to top their game. The primary ones are:

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1. Physics, Algebra, And Mathematics

These professionals need to take measurements, calculate voltages or currents, etc., so they need a logical mind. They should excel in physics, algebra, and maths to calculate quickly and solve complex equations.

2. Problem-Solving

Diagnosing an electrical fault and applying a solution requires strong problem-solving skills, so commercial electricians should be good thinkers.

3. Time Management

Professionals should be adept at managing time and finishing their tasks efficiently. After all, time is business money, as it can considerably affect your sales.

4. Teamwork And Communication

Lastly, a commercial electrician should know how to work in a team and communicate well to communicate their point.

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Commercial Vs Industrial Electrician

Now, let us discuss the key differences between a commercial and an industrial electrician, who seem to be quite similar.

The primary distinction is that commercial professionals deal with retail spaces and know about repairing, maintaining, and upgrading electrical appliances. On the other hand, industrial electricians have a vast knowledge of more technical and engineering work. You’d find them working across mines in Australia, dealing with pneumatic and hydraulic tools.

Commercial Vs Residential Electrician

It’s pretty straightforward that residential electricians strictly work with homeowners to ensure that houses’ interior and exterior electrical systems are completely safe and functional. Their only work is residential, so commercial establishments cannot hire them.

Unveiling the Role of Commercial Electricians: Experts Powering Businesses Safely and Efficiently

So, that’s about it for our guide on “What is a commercial electrician?”

We hope we were able to clarify all your doubts regarding this profession. Now, you know about these individuals’ skills, qualifications, importance, and responsibilities.

If you are a business owner and need to speak with a commercial electrician in Sydney, please don’t hesitate to contact the Bright Force Electrical team. Safety is our top priority, and we work to the highest standards to ensure you receive quality and safe commercial electrical services. We have years of combined experience in commercial projects and offer a 24/7 emergency response service for urgent electrical issues.

That said, we’ll sign off for the day. Goodbye and take care!

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