7 Signs You Need An Emergency Commercial Electrician

Wondering whether to call a commercial electrician? We suggest that you read our guide and never disregard your gut feeling to call an emergency electrician.

You decide to make some coffee, but the coffee maker shuts off suddenly before coming back again. Without paying much attention, you join your colleagues watching the trailer for a new movie — the protagonist trips over the microwave and sends sparks flying around the room.

Everyone laughs, but your mind immediately returns to the coffee maker, and you start imagining sparks shooting around the room. But perhaps you’re just overthinking, or are you?

Even in the cinematic world, real life is much more dangerous, especially in electrical emergencies. We have outlined seven times you should call a commercial emergency electrician. Let’s take a look!

7 Signs You Need An Emergency Commercial Electrician

Let us examine a statistic to understand the importance of commercial electricians better. Did you know that electrical faults are a major cause of commercial fires in Australia? Scary, isn’t it?

And now that we have got your attention, you should know that most of these accidents could have been avoided had people not ignored some of the common signs. So, we have highlighted instances when you should contact a commercial electrician for your employees’ safety.

1. We Are Shocked! Quite Literally

You’re scrolling through memes while taking a break at work when you come across an image of Tom from Tom and Jerry putting his fingers into a power socket.

But let us remind you that it looks funnier in cartoons than in real life; it’s deadly serious.

You should be aware that even mild shocks can be dangerous and require immediate attention. If you do not hire a commercial emergency electrician to inspect the wiring, the problem might snowball into something serious.

You should also immediately switch off all appliances connected to the outlet to avoid starting a fire and wait for the professional to arrive.

2. Not All Sparks Are Good

Every New Year, you may want your office to be lit up with the light of fireworks, but not if they are caused by electrical faults.

Whenever you see any sparking, it means issues with the electric system. In many cases, sparks can escalate into something big, resulting in electrical fires or the breakdown of the entire system.

It would be best to immediately switch off the sparking outlet and remove all appliances before calling a commercial emergency electrician. You can even ask the professional to guide you on a safe way to switch off the outlet.

3. Spooky Lights Are Scary

If you’re working late at night and one or more lights start flickering, you might be worried about paranormal activities. But you should definitely be more concerned about the safety of the electrical system. We have found that flickering lights in offices usually point to a large electrical draw or sudden power surge.

In other words, it means that all isn’t well with the circuit or wiring, especially if multiple lights are having the same issue. You will also notice that the problem may surface when using heavy-duty electrical appliances. And it would be wise to contact an emergency electrician to conduct a thorough inspection.

4. Buzzing Breaker Box

It’s almost the weekend, and you’re powering through all the paperwork to enjoy a relaxing Sunday. However, you’re bothered by a constant buzzing near your ears, which is kind of irritating, so you decide to inspect it and find that the breaker box is humming.

That’s not good as it points to a wiring issue that needs immediate attention. And since the circuit breaker is a safety appliance that protects the house from electrical surges, a damaged unit puts you at greater risk of encountering electrical faults.

Don’t waste time in such a scenario, and give the commercial emergency electrician a call.

5. Fuses Keep Blowing

Not to play down the issue, but a fuse blowing once in a while isn’t all that rare and usually doesn’t result in a major problem. But you should be concerned if multiple fuses are blowing in a short time, as this points to something serious with the electrical system.

The common cause for fuses blowing is an overloaded circuit, and you should call a commercial electrician to replace them. Not to mention, it will give them a chance to inspect the wiring for underlying problems.

6. Faulty Safety Switches

Safety switches may often turn off due to damaged wires, defective switchboards or faulty machines connected to an outlet. You can’t resolve the problem yourself, and it would be best to contact a commercial electrician to check what made the switch trip. They will inspect all the probable causes, find a solution and ensure that it isn’t a recurring issue.

7. Power Outages

Power outages are common, especially during the scorching Australian summer when the demand for electricity is high. However, frequent outages are a cause for concern, and you should hire a commercial electrician to locate the source of the problem.

They know how to study the electrical layout of factories and office spaces and possess the necessary tools to resolve the issue quickly.

Keeping Your Commercial Space Safe

Now that you know when to hire a commercial emergency electrician, keep their number close by, and don’t waste any time if you notice any of these signs.

We hope you won’t ignore the seriousness of electrical problems and regularly upgrade the system, including the wiring, sockets and appliances. On that note, make sure to conduct proper maintenance to prevent electrical issues in the first place.

For a commercial electrician in Sydney, speak to the team at Bright Force Electrical. We are available 24/7 for any commercial and industrial electrical emergency.

Although it isn’t possible to completely iron out all problems, you can at least ensure that nothing serious crops up in the future. As the saying goes — it’s better to be safe than sorry!