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Getting professional help when electric and power issues get out of hand is always recommended.

When fixing wires, repairing fused cables, power restoration, or even safety checks, you need the best help possible. Sometimes, the problem could be more significant than expected, and in that case, the electrical services of a regular electrician may not help.

If such a day arrives that you need a more significant electrical issue resolved, then a level 2 electrician is required. If you are wondering, “What is a level 2 electrician in Sydney?” keep reading!

What Is A Level 1 Electrician?

Level 1 technicians are regular electricians equipped to tackle essential electrical work. They have less training than the level 2 qualification, which is insufficient for dealing with complex electrical problems. However, there are still quite a few tasks they are qualified to fix.

For example, a level 1 technician is trained to repair local wire and circuit fuse problems or even replace loose switches. Apart from that, they can also conduct safety assessments to check for malfunctioning wires. And a regular electrician can also upgrade your current systems with ease.

Usually, ordinary electricians focus on the maintenance and repair aspect of electrical work in commercial or residential settings. This means that they rarely train and specialise in one specific field.

What Is A Level 2 Electrician?

Level 2 technicians hold higher qualifications than ordinary or level 1 electricians. Along with carrying out the primary repair and system checks that a regular electrician can perform, they can also complete advanced jobs that require additional skills. These professionals often undergo rigorous training to obtain a level 2 license for complicated repairs, maintenance, or installations of many types of electrical equipment for residential and commercial properties.

The additional skills involved are related to overhead and underground electrical work. This mainly deals with the connections of the primary electrical supply network to your residence or business building. And this training is provided to level 2 electricians, not ordinary ones.

Level 2 Electrician Services In Sydney

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1. Disconnecting And Reconnecting Electricity Network

A level 2 electrician can connect your home or business property to the local electrical supply network. This is achieved through overhead and underground service lines. They can reconnect the wiring to ensure a continuous power supply to your home or office whenever such a requirement arises.

This way, level 2 technicians can help you regain connection with your main power supply and the electrical network. This is especially important when conducting safety tests and system upgrades.

2. Cable Repair Work

Working with damaged cables can be risky, but level 2 electricians are trained to handle the situation effectively. Whether extreme weather conditions damage the cabless or have melted due to a rapid increase in temperature, they can confidently approach the issue.

Since the destruction of the outer cable layer exposes the copper wires to the air, it is unsafe to fix it without proper training. This is a potential hazard. Only qualified professionals, such as level 2 electricians, are called to check it.

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3. Smart Metering

Smart meters note the power usage on the property, but not everyone can safely install them. As such, level 2 electricians have the qualifications that make them eligible to handle connecting electrical and smart meters.

If you are wondering about the importance of their devices, the energy supply companies keep a tab on the consumption using this system. They then determine the final electricity bill to charge the customers. Depending on the layout of your house, the expert will install the smart meter within the property or outside.

4. Meter Installation

A licensed level 2 electrician is authorised to deal with meter installations. This is a crucial task that all commercial and residential properties will require in one way or another. Because it is the power meter responsible for tracking energy use, and its data is used to finalise the regular electricity bill.

5. Overhead Service Lines And Underground Wiring (Power Lines)

Usually, the electric supply to the home comes through the overhead or underground wiring supply. They can have pros and cons depending on how you look at them. One thing to factor in is the location of your property and the kind of wiring system preferred. The underground power system requires systematically digging up the earth to place the wires beneath.

On the other hand, you will need to install a private power pole for overhead electricity supply. Level 2 electricians are well-trained to handle either work and replace faulty cables if required.

6. Power Upgrade

Level 2 technicians are well-qualified and trained to make power upgrades on your property. Taking your residential property to the third phase from a single-phase setup is possible. Your technician must change the wiring system, which requires precise tools and the correct knowledge and experience.

People usually opt for power upgrades when there is a requirement for more energy.

Benefits of Hiring a Level 2 Electrician

Level 2 electricians are qualified to perform more electrical work than general electricians. This includes work with high-voltage systems, overhead and underground power service lines, and main electrical work and repairs.

Hiring a level 2 electrician offers several benefits, including:

  • Safety: Level 2 electricians are trained and experienced in working with high-voltage systems. This means they can safely and efficiently complete electrical work without risking you or your property.
  • Quality: This means that you can be confident that your electrical work will be done to a high standard and that it will be safe and reliable.
  • Peace of mind: Hiring a level 2 electrician gives you peace of mind, knowing that your electrical work is being done by a qualified and experienced professional. This can be especially important if you are uncomfortable working with electrical systems.
  • Expertise: An accredited Level 2 service provider has the expertise to handle complex electrical problems. They can diagnose and repair electrical issues quickly and efficiently, minimising downtime and inconvenience.
  • Compliance: As part of their qualification, they must be familiar with all applicable electrical codes and regulations. This ensures that your electrical work is done safely and competently.

How Do Technicians Get Qualified As Level 2 Electricians In Sydney?

An electrician requires a level 2 ASP qualification to be considered a level 2 electrician. The training provided in this course helps professionals maintain the highest safety standards. And without this certification, they cannot perform the electrical tasks mentioned previously.

Here is what a technician needs to do to qualify as a level 2 electrician:

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1. Complete Electrical Apprenticeship

Four years of experience in practical, on-site work is a prerequisite for applying to the next level. In addition to this, studying at TAFE is required for part-time four years to obtain an Electrical Contractors License.

2. Select The ASP Level And Class

There are three levels in the ASP scheme and four classes that an electrician can select in the level 2 category.

3. Complete The Level 2 ASP Training Period

Of course, once the electrician is sure about which specialty they prefer, it is time to complete the training. The technician needs to complete a 14-hour long course within one week in exchange for a fee.

4. Apply For Accreditation

Once the course is complete, all the works submitted by the student electrician will be scrutinised and accredited.

5. Apply For Authorisation

Once the accreditation is received, the paperwork is left to complete and sent to the local authorities. Before signing them for clearance, they will check whether the electrician has all the required equipment.

Only after this process can an electrician handle level 2 ASP projects.

A Better Understanding Of Level 2 Electricians In Sydney

Depending on the work required in your home or office, a level 2 electrician may be necessary. These professionals are highly trained and perfectly qualified to take up advanced work. From repairing an overhead service line and electrical connections to installing metering equipment, a level 2 electrician in Sydney can do it all!

Bright Force Electrical has highly trained and experienced technicians with level 2 qualifications. Our team of electrical contractors offers residential, commercial, and industrial electrical service lines across Sydney and 24/7 emergency assistance. If you need a level 2 electrician in Sydney, please get in touch with us.

We hope you gained a better understanding of a level 2 electrical contractor with this guide. That’s all for now, until next time!

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