Hidden Dangers Of A Faulty Switchboard

The hidden dangers of a faulty switchboard won’t stay hidden for long if they’re left untreated for an extended time period. So, find out the signs you need to know!

Faulty switchboards are a safety hazard that can risk your and your family’s lives.

Defects on your switchboard might seem invisible at times, but that doesn’t rule out the fact of their presence. Even a single spark could turn into something major, so you should be careful while dealing with them. In most cases, bad wiring is a sign of a faulty switchboard, which isn’t ideal as it can malfunction at any time.

Therefore, the right action at the right time is required to save oneself from harmful consequences. Thus to help you out, we have formulated this brief guide on the hidden dangers of a faulty switchboard.

So, let’s get into this dangerous world of faulty boards without further ado!

What Is A Switchboard?

Electric switchboards are vital electric distribution systems without which your home or office will be devoid of any electric supply. It’s a device that distributes electric current from a source to different points of termination that are connected to it.

This source could be anything that feeds current into the switchboard (usually an electric generator), which then divides the current into small components and redirects it as branch circuits. These circuits then carry out the task of distributing current to different devices.

Switchboards monitor the current flow, so your devices don't malfunction due to too much current. Every switchboard has protective devices like fuses or circuit breakers, preventing an electrical overload when the voltage is too high. By doing this, they maintain the safety of your appliances and home.

But what if your switchboard is faulty and could malfunction any minute now? Horrifying, right? Well, it indeed is, seeing how vital they are in maintaining, monitoring, and protecting the safety of your home. That’s why proper care must be taken while installing switchboards or repairing faulty ones. Otherwise, it could jeopardise your or your close one's life.

Hidden Dangers Of A Faulty Switchboard

Faulty switchboard installations with shoddy wiring are a cause of concern. They won’t only put your life in danger but also the one who’s repairing it, like the technician. Additionally, old switchboards that aren’t inbuilt with fuses are a big no.

Therefore, such circumstances require repairing or even re-installing a switchboard. And let’s not forget that government regulation back this. So, if you spot an old or faulty switchboard, it’s essential to get it changed or repaired. Otherwise, it won’t take long for a switchboard fault to convert into a fire hazard or electrocution.

Signs Of A Faulty Switchboard

Let’s face it, not all of us are electrical wizards regarding spotting issues with a faulty switchboard. Most of us don’t even know that a problem exists before it’s too late to consider it a problem. So, before the issue transforms into something bigger, like an electrical hazard, there are some things that you can do to check if your switchboard is faulty or not.

You can watch out for any warning signals in a faulty switchboard. Some of them are listed below.

  • Faulty wiring
  • Frequent flickering of lights
  • Burning smell from the switchboard
  • Buzzing or crackling noises
  • Frequently blowing of fuse
  • Constantly tripping circuit breakers

Safety Hazards Of Faulty Switchboards

Faulty switchboards can lead to greater safety hazards for your near and dear ones. So, once you suspect a fault with your switchboard, call a professional electrician to get the necessary repair. Otherwise, it can:

  • Cause damage to your electrical appliances
  • Lead to a fire hazard
  • Electrocution

Thus, to avoid falling prey to these dangerous situations, you should immediately follow the necessary precautionary measures. To do that, you should first avoid touching any faulty wire.

Secondly, you should cut off the main power supply to stop the current from flowing and further damaging your electrical appliances. After that, immediately call for an emergency electrician that will solve the issue and fix the faulty switchboard.

Your emergency electrician will do the necessary repair and ensure the problem doesn’t occur again. As a side note, we recommend having a regular yearly check of your switchboards to spot any issues early on and prevent any tragedy.

Electrical Switchboards: What You Need to Know

Switchboards are vital for power distribution and the overall safety of your house. Components like circuit breakers or fuses inbuilt into these boards help from overloading and causing major mishaps like electrical or fire hazards. That’s why routine checkups of faulty switchboards are essential.

We hope you could gain some knowledge about switchboards and what faulty ones could do. So, as a word of advice, always speak to a qualified electrician about your switchboard. If you need an electrician in Sydney, don’t look any further than Bright Force Electrical. If you need an emergency electrician, you can contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

That was all about faulty switchboards. Till then, stay safe!