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Is it time for a switchboard upgrade? You might feel that switchboards are not that crucial. But when overlooked, they might risk your house’s safety.

Both your electrical systems and outlets rely heavily on the proper functioning of switchboards, as they ensure the smooth flow of electricity. Thus, they must be adequately maintained and upgraded whenever required. If you fail to pay proper attention to the switchboards of your home, it can cause irreparable damage.

A faulty switchboard can lead to fire, putting your loved ones at risk. However, timely maintenance and upgrades can save you all the trouble. And today, we are going to tell you why it is essential to upgrade an old switchboard.

Are you prepared? Let’s begin our discussion about an electrical defect notice that signals it’s time for a switchboard upgrade!

What Is The Need For Upgrading Your Home’s Switchboard

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1. Faulty Electrical Switches Can Cause Fire

Unfortunate circumstances might lead to an increased demand for electricity, which might blow the fuses. And in case the circuit breaker fails to function correctly, there can be a system overload. If the switchboards in your home have replaceable fuses and wires, there’s a higher chance of electrical fires.

Overloads are risky as they might melt different elements in your switchboards, eventually catching fire. In the worst-case scenario, the fire might catch at the back of the switchboard and travel along the walls, leading to a house fire.

The risk of overloaded switchboards increases during the peak summer and winter months. This is the time that people make use of high-voltage electrical cooling and heating devices. These electronics require high power, and that often leads to overloaded switchboards.

2. Meeting The Demands

A Google Search will tell you that when switchboards entered households, people mainly used them to power small electrical devices like fans and lights. However, we have reached an age where technology has become more advanced. Today, each household accommodates major electrical appliances that are modern and require substantial electrical input.

So, without any doubt, the switchboard cannot stay the same. The old switches are no good if you have appliances like microwaves, french-door refrigerators, or a hair dryer. Wondering why? The older switchboards often come with outdated wiring that cannot handle installing a new electrical device.

Without timely upgrades, old switchboards can become a source of problems. The consequences might include blown fuses and instances of electrical shock, which could potentially escalate to fire hazards.

We suggest considering the same when renovating a house or extending it. Renovations mainly involve installing new lights and added electrical appliances, meaning your home needs more power.

The latest switchboards come with several safety features and modern circuit breakers. This feature in an upgraded switchboard allows them to manage sudden power overloads efficiently.

3. Comply With State Laws

All residents in Australia have to abide by the Australian Electrical Standards. The Australian Government has put this in place to ensure that all residential and commercial owners comply with modern electrical demands and usage and safety requirements.

There is a range of standards and procedures to follow. One of the essential standards for switchboards connected to lighting and power circuits is that they should have proper safety switches and circuit breakers.

Some safety switches are so powerful that they can turn off electricity in a record time of 0.03 seconds. With safety switches in place, the chances of electrical hazards decrease when there’s a sudden power overload. Therefore, the need for a switchboard upgrade becomes evident if your system lacks the necessary safety switches.

Inspect your current switchboard to determine if it still utilises outdated components like wooden panels and ceramic fuses. If you see any such thing on your fuse board, upgrade the switchboards as soon as possible.

If you are unaware of the Australian Electrical Standards, we recommend talking to local electricians who can tell you more about them.

4. Save Money

While the initial switchboard upgrade cost may seem substantial, trust us when we say it is the most cost-effective option in the long run.

If your household has a set of old switchboards, you will often find the circuit tripping. Subsequently, you might find yourself spending a considerable amount on a professional electrician’s services. When you install the latest switchboards, the chances of circuit trips will decrease significantly.

Even if it trips, you will have no problem resetting the system without any risks.

How Do You Understand That Your Switchboard Needs An Upgrade?

Quite a few telltale signs indicate that your switchboard is not functioning optimally. This section will discuss some of the most common symptoms indicating that your switchboard might require an upgrade.

When you have outdated switchboards, you will find them short-circuiting. This is mainly because they are not power-efficient and cannot handle the load of modern appliances.

Another common sign is flickering lights, which are less likely to be caused by a wandering spirit. Instead, the chances are that you have a faulty switchboard. If you smell something burning around a switchboard, call an electrician immediately and upgrade the switchboard.

Upgrading Your Switchboard

With that, we have reached the end of this informative guide on switchboard upgrades!

As a homeowner, you should stay vigilant to ensure that there is no compromise on the electrical safety of your house. Add electrical switchboard maintenance to your regular electrical maintenance routine. This will help you save time and money and ensure your loved ones are never at risk.

Upgrading your switchboard is no DIY task. And ensure that you abide by the state electrical standards, it is best to seek help from professional electrical services. If you’re in Sydney and require a Sydney electrical switchboard upgrade, the team at Bright Force Electrical is here to assist you. With our skilled experts and emergency electrician, we can upgrade your switchboard correctly. We can also diagnose issues with your electrical system and repair or install a safety switch, circuit breakers and electrical wiring. So, contact us today for all your electrical needs!

Until next time, stay safe and hire a professional and licensed electrician for a new switchboard upgrade!

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